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Our apprenticeship program is designed to give hands-on paid experience in learning a trade or craft.

Currently, the opportunities are in the fields of general contracting, plumbing, and electrical. These opportunities are

on a first come first serve basis.



We partner with human resource professionals to assist brothers prepare for interviews, write resumes,

and how to use online resources, such as LinkedIn, to obtain stable employment.



We partner with local short-term and transitional housing programs to assist brothers with gaining safe, clean, and stable housing. Once temporary housing has been secured, the brother and his case worker will meet to create an action plan for permanent housing.



Legal Advice

Our organization has access to lawyers willing to work pro bono depending on the case and severity. It is important that when a brother has been assigned a caseworker that all legal issues be discussed so they can access the necessary legal aid on their behalf.



We’ve partnered with several licensed mental health workers in the city of Newark to provide one-to-one support if needed. Free weekly group therapy sessions are also available.


Much More 

Every brother has different challenges keeping them from reaching their full potential. That is why our organization shapes each action plan according to the client. Whether it's needing a government issued ID or questions about fatherhood, our organization is here to support. 

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