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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

“The Environmental Injustice ” By: Mike Pierre, Director of Marketing and Communications

The continued existence of human life is dependent on our environment. It plays a crucial part in our lives as we seek it for food, water, air, and many other needs.

But due to our unattended and irresponsible behavior towards it, Environmental Justice is at stake.

There is global warming, deforestation, overpopulation, burning fossil fuels, desertification, acid rains, water, air, and soil pollution, melting of glaciers, hunting, ozone depletion, and more. Comparing the condition of our environment with what it was before industrialization, we can see a drop in the quality of our environment and the adverse effect it has brought to us. There is not just one effect. There are hundreds of examples to witness the brutal hounding of environmental components.“We are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to.” -Terri Swearingen.

“We will not have a society if we destroy our environment.” -Margaret Mead

The environment is calling to us for help. It’s hurting and the responsibility to end its suffering falls on all of us. It does not need commercial measures. It requires our little acts of compassion and care.

Some personal measures we can adopt to save what is saving us:

o Prevent water wastage while we take a bath, wash dishes, or brush our teeth

o Refrain from burning coal.

o Use public transport when possible.

o Avoid the use of aerosol sprays.

o Adopt family planning methods.

o Refrain from disposing of the household waste in the sink but send it for recycling.

o Do not hunt for animals or birds because many are extinct, and most of them are declared as endangered.

o Do not burn garbage, leaves, or trash.

o Reduce the use of plastic.

o Plant as many trees as possible[1] .

Many steps on a commercial level can also help to save our environment. They are:

o Install factories away from residential areas.

o Make channels for industrial waste to avoid dumping it in water bodies.

o Refrain from using chemicals and sprays to speed up the growth of crops.

o Plant double the number of trees cut.

o Use solar, hydropower, or wind power energy.

o Reduce the use of thermal energy because it causes a lot more pollution[2] .

Imagine yourself in an emergency where you need somebody’s help. A person arrives and helps you out. You feel indebted to that person and give him, in return, a gift for the favor he has done forgiven you. Our environment is helping us both directly and indirectly, in every second of our lives. We are in huge debt now. How are we paying it back?

Consider reevaluating these points for practicality, relatability and alignment with broader expert recommendations. Consider reevaluating these points for practicality, relatability and alignment with broader expert recommendations.

Let us act.

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