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Quadeer Porter, MHA

Founder and President of Brothers Building A Better Nation

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I was raised in Newark, New Jersey during the crack epidemic of the 1990s, where I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of drug addiction and the lack of positive male role models in my community. I took it upon myself to define my own vision of masculinity and committed to making a positive impact in my community as an adult.

In 2020, I achieved a personal milestone by purchasing my first home in Newark. As I observed the pervasive drug use and lack of economic opportunity among the men in my community, I recognized an opportunity to make a tangible difference. Through my efforts, I helped some of my peers obtain temporary housing and provided financial guidance and education in real estate. However, I knew that these actions alone were insufficient to address the systemic issues facing my community.

I rallied a group of influential colleagues from my college network to brainstorm ways to establish a pipeline from the streets to more lucrative opportunities, such as apprenticeships and entrepreneurship. Our organization has made significant strides in this regard, but we recognize that much work remains to be done.

Our guiding principle is that no brother should be left behind. We strive to empower every individual in our community to recognize the potential for greatness within themselves. In the words of the great Donny Hathaway, "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," we remain committed to the mission of creating a better nation where all individuals, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to thrive.

Want to learn more? Reach out! We're always looking to collaborate with new people and organization so we can continue to give brothers opportunity to succeed.  

Phone Number: 862 - 201 - 3746

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