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"Find the good, and praise it.” - Alex Haley

Our organization is built on the strength of brotherhood. Each individual on our team has experienced what it means to be a minority male in America. A lot of the brothers in our program have faced obstacles that were too great for them to handle on their own. We look to be that social safety net to help them bounce back. We look to heal our community one brother at a time. 

Our Story

Brothers Building A Better Nation was founded on September 10, 2021 in Newark, New Jersey by Quadeer Porter.  After purchasing a property in Newark in 2020, Quadeer was approached by several young men from the neighborhood asking if he was the new owner. After confirming, he was told by the young men that he was the only black male home owner on the street. 

Later that year, Quadeer began to mentor several young men on the block and teach team about the importance of personal finance, credit, education, and banking. To his dismay one of the young men died from gang related violence. It was at that time Quadeer approached some of the young men on the block asking what resources they needed to live happier productive lives. They told him a variety of things such as stable employment, transportation, cash assistance, and guidance. 

After writing down the items the young men told him, he began to call his classmates from Rutgers University to assist him in forming an organization that will build a pipeline from the streets to better opportunities for the young men in his community. They all agreed to help and since the day it was founded, Brothers Building A Better Nation has fought for the futures of the young men in the Newark community and their families. 

We invite you to learn more about our organization and the work we do by subscribing to blog where we update the community on new initiatives we're rolling out and events we're having. 

Meet The Team


Quadeer Porter, MHA, President/Founder

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Shakor J. Jukes, CPA, MBA, Treasurer

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Moriah Potts Headshot

Moriah Potts, Fundraising Chair

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Kareem Absolu

Kareem Absolu, Vice President

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Mike Pierre, Director of Marketing

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